The Word Became

Every period of human development has had its own particular type of human conflict—its own variety of problem that, apparently, could be settled only by force. And each time, frustratingly enough, force never really settled the problem. – Isaac Asimov

Cycle 26:  I have been alone for almost a month.  The regular questions bother me almost daily.  How fast am I going?  Which direction am I going to?  How are all the passengers in the escape pods doing?  Did I make the right decision sending them away?  Of course, the other questions come up too.  Should I have even come on this mission?  Should I have stayed on earth?  And of course, the ever-present question.  Am I going insane?  Talking to God?  Really?  I must be out of my mind thinking God is talking to me.  Then again, there’s not anyone else to talk to at the moment.  Might as well make the best of it.

Cycle 28:  Exercise is going well.  I don’t want to look like I spent my time in the commissary the whole time everyone was gone.  It is helping me think too.  Saw the strange lights again.  Still not sure what they are.  They come close to the ship, then veer off quickly.  As just as fast as they appear, they are gone.

Cycle 29:  Been mulling the idea of the son of God coming to earth as a human.  Why would he do that?  Why would he lower himself to be one of us?  It doesn’t make sense to me.  If God is all-powerful, why become human at all?

-G- You pose a good question RJ

-RJ-  I see you have decided to grace me with your presence once again.

-G-  I enjoy our chats RJ.  You have a quick mind and ask good questions.  Like this one, you are working on now.  Why did my son become human and live amongst humans?  Why would he lower himself to the level of a mortal?  Why would he live life as well, one of you?  It’s a good question.  One that has as many answers as there are people on earth.

-RJ-  Well, which answer is right?

-G-  Why does there have to be only one right answer?  Why does it have to be so black and white?  I think there are a lot of good answers.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some horrible answers too.  And even a few funny ones.  But I don’t think those are the answers you are looking for.  Why do you think my son came to earth as one of you?

-RJ-  I don’t know.  To teach us.  To guide us.  To show us the error of our ways. 

-G-  Maybe.  Maybe not.  One thing we need to get out of the way first is this notion that my son was somehow a plan B.  That these people you call Adam and Eve messed it up so bad that we had to send someone to course correct the planet.  My son was never plan B.  My son was never the one that had to correct some cosmic blunder.  There have been plenty of times that we could have, I guess, stepped in and course-corrected the path for the entire human race.  But as I told you in one of our previous conversations, that isn’t how we work.  We work best when you come alongside us in action.

-RJ-  What does that have to do with your son coming to earth as a baby? 

-G-  My son came the way he did to suffer as you do.  To live as you do.  To have the same issues, pains, and doubts that you have.  We work better when we are in connection with you.  You work better when you have someone to relate to.  My son came to be that person.  My son came as a baby to show the vulnerability of the trinity in connection with you.  If my son showed up as a mighty warrior, when your doubts show up, you don’t have that one connection that shows that we understand your distress.  My son showed up as a baby, grew up amongst people who were going through problems, living in oppression.  People in dire need of understanding.  My son grew up under the same oppressive government that everyone did.  He could have become bitter and angry.  He could have raised a mighty army and wiped out the entire Roman empire.  Instead, he gathered people around him that would, in turn, change the world.  

-RJ-  but what about all his mumbo jumbo about turning the other cheek?  About loving your enemy?  It all seems a little wimpy to me. 

-G-  First of all RJ, you are smarter than that.  You know as well as I do that turning the other cheek in the face of a fight isn’t wimpy at all.  It is, in fact, a very difficult decision to make.  What my son was showing was a new way.  A better way to look at the world around you.  One where everyone is your neighbor.  Once you see people through those eyes, it is hard to see them any other way.  My son was showing the world that love wins.  My son purposely gathered the misfits, the outcasts, and the unloved.  He accepted them where they were.  He didn’t ask for some miraculous change in them before He showed them, love.  He didn’t reprimand them.  He didn’t call them out for there sin.  In fact, the only people that you see my son really calling out or reprimanding were the religious elite of the time.  The ones who thought they had it all together.  The ones that looked down at the beggars, the prostitutes, and the lepers.  These people that the religious elite looked down on, in some ways were more connected to us that the pious religious leaders of the time.  Like the little girl in the story I told you a while back, they just had stopped hearing our voice.  They stopped hearing that they were loved utterly and completely just the way they were.  RJ, it’s not really all that different now from what it was like then.  Yeah, you some writing that tell you about the great things that my son did all those years ago.  Have those writing helped you better hear our voice?  Or, has it become just another idol that gets between you and us?  I’m not saying that those words written about us aren’t useful.  What I am saying is if those words seem to contradict what you know that my son said to do, then maybe you need to rethink what those words really mean.

-RJ-  So what is the message of your son?  What is the overall take away from his time on earth with us?

-G-  RJ, that’s so easy and yet so hard to answer.  It comes down to this.  Love.  Love wins.  Love wins overall.  Where there is division, choose love.  Where there is hate, choose love.  Where there is fear, choose love.  Humankind has done a really good job of hating one another.  What my son’s ultimate message was and is…well, in a word, love.  When you stop and ask the woman that is crying if she is ok.  That’s love.  When you buy the man outside the coffee shop a cup of joe because it’s cold out, that’s love.  When you hug your relative that’s a drug addict, that’s love.  That’s the big miracle.  That’s the world-changing miracle.  Love each other.  I wish you didn’t have to go millions of miles away from earth to hear this answer.  But maybe you needed the quiet.  Maybe you needed to be away from the noise of your own pain.  My son came to live like you.  To have loss like you.  To have doubts like you.  To understand abandonment like you.  How else were we ever going to enter into that with you?  My son endured all of this so that in your darkest moments, you will never be alone.  You will have at least one with you that understands your pain.  One that will sit with you and just be.  The blessing in all of this is that once you come out on the other side of this pain, you can then be there for someone else.  It’s the wounded who understand the wounded. 

-RJ-  But why did he have to die?  What lesson do we learn from that?  Wasn’t there another way?

-G-  RJ, I love your questions.  But that one will have to wait.  We will talk about it soon.

Cycle 29 (cont):  I’m getting used to his quick exits.

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