Different Streams Same Source

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” – Douglas Adams

Cycle 37:  Have you ever sat alone and thought about nothing?  I think I have done that for the last 12 hours.  I tend to lose track of time fast.  This ship is quite large.  I never noticed when everyone was still here.  Even though there is no one here, I still feel weird walking into other people’s quarters.  I feel like I am spying on them.  Still exercising.  Still looking into all the failed systems.  Nothing to report in that area.

Cycle 38:  Lights showed up around the ship again.  I still have no idea what they are.  They show up, hover around the ship for a while then take off.

Cycle 40:  Spent the last two cycles trying to connect with this god…thing…person.  I haven’t heard a sound in a few cycles.  I have more questions.  I want to continue this conversation.

Cycle 41:  What if we are all in?  What if all the stuff I was taught in church was wrong.  It does seem to go against the idea of free will though.

-G-  That is of course if free will is what you think it is.

-RJ-  What else could it mean?  Doesn’t it mean that we have the right to do what we want when we want?

-G-  I guess that is one way to look at it.  Yes, you have the free will to make your own decisions.  But the question I would ask is this.  If you don’t have all the facts.  If you don’t know the whole story, is it free will?  Or is it for you just the best guess option?  We are here to help you along this journey.  We want you to come into fellowship with us.  I feel that when you do, this notion you call free will has the potential to help you see the bigger picture.  I guess what I’m getting as is we want you to come along for the ride.  We have a lot of patience and can wait you out. 

-RJ-  What does any of that have to do with my ability to say yes or no to something?  All the knowledge in the world doesn’t mean I’ll make a better decision.  People are stubborn.  People are ignorant. 

-G-  That is true.  But with a bit more information, even stubborn people will make better decisions.  Say for instance you are going along on a road.  You don’t know that up ahead that the road is out.  So, you blindly drive toward disaster.  What if you had warning that the road was out ahead.  You are still making your own decision but now you are making an informed decision.  Both decisions are free will.  But one has a better outcome because of more information.

-RJ-  How does all this connect with this idea that maybe all are in?  That maybe there isn’t a place where all the bad people go.  That maybe we are all on a course for life eternal?

-G-  Well, RJ, as you or anyone else progresses through this life, we are nudging you with information.  We talked about this before.  We are talking to you all the time.  You are making free will decisions.  But over time these free-will decisions are coming from a place of more information.  Some people hear these quite clearly.  While others are not willing to listen.  But as I said, we have time.  We can wait as long as needed.  We are willing to go as fast or as slow as anyone needs to move along this path.  This path is one of connection.  This path is one of love.  This path is one of forgiveness.  As the false identity of who you are begins to erode away.  You begin to see your true identity.  You are one with us.  You are in us and we are in you.  That is your true nature. 

-RJ-  What if you aren’t a Christian?  What if you are a Buddhist?  What if you are a Muslim?

-G-  So, you think you have to be a Christian to get into this club?  What about all the people before my son died on that tree?  They weren’t Christians.  Are they all out?  For that matter, my son wasn’t a Christian either.  Neither were his early followers.  Are they all out too?  Christians think that have the market on salvation.  Christians think they have the only correct answers.  I am here to tell you that this is not the case.

-RJ-  So, all faiths are in?  All religions are in?

-G-  It is not that simple.  What I am trying to tell you is that the connection between us and people goes deeper than a label.  Call it Christian.  Call it Buddhism.  Call it what you want.  What matters is that we are all connected.  We are all part of this plan that was set into motion before time began.  We will go to whatever lengths it will take to bring you into communion with us.  But we need you to come along with us.  That doesn’t mean that we ever stop.  There is nothing that will get between us and you.  I know this all sounds a little stalker-like.  I guess in a weird way it might be.  But not for the reasons you might think. People have been moving away from tribalism and toward the community since the beginning.  We have been there all along trying to help you all move forward.  You all get it wrong a lot.  But man, when you get it right, it is beautiful.  But what is important is that at every step we have been there.  

-RJ-  But what about us?  What are we supposed to do?  Don’t we have to do something to be saved?  If that is even a thing.

-G-  This seems to be the biggest hang-up.  Actually no, there is nothing for you to do.  We have done it all.  We have set up the plan that brings you all into connection with us.  Along this path, if you just listen, you will hear us calling to you.  You will see us with our hands outstretched.  Just grab hold and come along.  Some people see and hear this early in their lives.  Some people see and hear this late in their lives.  Some see and hear it after what you call life is over.  And all are welcomed into the community.  All are accepted into the family.  Why you might ask.  That is easy.  It is because they were always part of the family.  We will go the depths of what you call hell to get you.  Don’t you think for one minute that there is anything that can separate you from us.  My son on the cross is all the proof you need of the depths we will go for you.  Just know that you are ours, and we are yours and nothing will ever change that.  There will come a time when all truth is revealed.  That moment when every knee will bow and every tongue will joyfully proclaim the name of the lord.  This moment is different for everyone.  But that moment will come.

-RJ-  Are you saying you will force us to believe?

-G-  Not in the slightest.  Free will isn’t free will at all until all knowledge is given to you.  Then you will see the connection.  Until then you have the illusion of free will.  And yes, we see you as you blunder through these decisions.  And we love you all the more for it.  Every single person is precious.  Every single person is a child of God.

-RJ- If everyone is in then why try to be good?  Why don’t we just go through this life doing whatever we want?

-G-  Another good question RJ.  We will talk about that soon.

Cycle 41(Cont.):  This one will take some thinking.  I’m off to ponder this for a while.

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