God Doesn’t Do Politics

Politicians should read science fiction, not westerns and detective stories. – Arthur C. Clarke

Cycle 80: Justice, justice, justice. This god that I am talking about has flipped the idea of justice on its head. I need to think about something else for a while. Something lighter like politics. The earth I left was still in a bit of turmoil politically. I don’t see that ever stopping. If you look back into history, some sort of politics seems to be ruining life for one group or another. Yeah, this is a lighter topic. What to do, what to do.

Cycle 82: I’m bored. There isn’t really a lot to do here. I do my daily routines. I check over the ship. I make sure everything that can work is working. I check over the parts of the ship that aren’t working. Never any changes there. I exercise. I read. I eat. What else is there to do. Need some more stuff to do.

Cycle 83: Lights showed up again. I still have no clue what they are. They hover around the ship. They follow my path for a while. Then they fly off as fast as they showed up. They aren’t very large, whatever they are. Is this some type of lifeform? Is it just some space anomaly? Who knows.

Cycle 85: Back to my previous thought, Is god involved in politics? If so, what side is god on? Why would god choose a side? Doesn’t god love everyone?

-G- The quick answer is no. I do not get involved in politics.

-RJ- There sure seems to be a lot of people on many sides of politics that would differ with that answer. We hear time and time again about how god is on one side of politics or the other. Where is this idea coming from?

-G- When you get a group of religious people together, they tend to try and support the ideology with some form of scripture. You see this time and time again. You see political groups defending their position on things like slavery using their scripture. You see political groups defending their position on women’s rights using their scripture. You see political groups defending their position on LGBTQ+ rights using their scripture. You see it used to defend pro-life. You see it to defend pro-choice. The list goes on and on. I will use the faith of Christianity to show some of this. But know, that I could show how other religions to it too. The Quran, The Bhagavad Gita, and other holy scriptures have been used to show one side better than the other. But for our conversation, we will stick with Christianity and the bible.

-RJ- Ok, If we look at the bible, it seems that there are quite a few times where you take one side over the other. You seem to pick the chosen people over the other people quite a lot.

-G- One thing to keep in mind is that history, or even mythicized history, is written by the victor.

-RJ- What about the exiles? The Egyptian exile? The Babylonian exile? Your chosen people don’t seem to be the victors there.

-G- These accounts are written down hundreds of years later by different people to show the story of the people. These accounts are told with hindsight and with an agenda. I know that might sound harsh, but the people documenting these stories are showing the path and growth of their people. People have taken from these stories what they need to push one agenda or another for well over two thousand years. As I said earlier, you do not have to look very far into your past to see this is true. Governments have used the religious to push one platform or another as far back as history goes. That does not mean that we were in any way ever involved.

-RJ- Ok, let’s look at some of my countries past. It seems like there has always been a group that Christians connected with and a group that seemed opposed to the Christian ideal. One side that had morals, and one that didn’t. One that followed the bible, and one that didn’t. So, how do we reconcile that? It seems to me that if one side is following your teachings and one isn’t, then you would be on their side? Doesn’t that seem to flow? Doesn’t that seem to fit the narrative?

-G- You are assuming first of all that we care what side you are on. Do you honestly think there are only Christians on one side of this argument? Trust me I hear that all the time. They say things like – They believe so differently than me, they must not be a Christian. Or they say – To be on the opposite side of my political stance means they aren’t a Christian. Well, I have news for you, we aren’t Christian either. We have never claimed to be Christian. That is a label put onto some of our followers two thousand years ago. A derogatory title I might add. They were called little Christ’s for following the teachings of Jesus. They were following The Way. This would be a good time to acknowledge that they were not political. They followed the teaching of Jesus. Jesus was not about politics. He was about caring for the sick. Caring for the widow, caring for the other. This list goes on and on. His agenda was not political. It was anti-politics, anti othering, and anti-hate. It was not until much later that religion got into bed with politics. This is where religion became a problem. It propagated fear. It controlled the followers by manipulating them into hating the people that were on the opposite side from them. This is not the way. This has never been the way. I can point to issue after issue that came about because religion aligned itself with politics.

-RJ- But they seem so sure of themselves. Groups like The Moral Majority, The Religious Right, and Progressives. How do we know which is right and which is wrong?

-G- It is simple. Where there is hate, we are not there. Wherever there is othering, we are not there. When you see one group of people calling out another with fear and hate, we are not there. We are where there is love. We are where there is community. We are where there is connection. This is not a political agenda. This is a human right. Humans should not fear to be who they are. Politics, in general, live in the world of division. To be in favor of one group, you must be opposed to the other group. That is not how we work. You have seen it throughout history. Political groups need a scapegoat. They need someone to blame. The Roman’s blamed the Christians, The Nazi’s blamed The Jews, The American’s Blamed…well they blamed a lot of groups. They blamed the indigenous people, they blamed the blacks, they blamed the Chinese, they blamed the homosexuals. You see political systems need someone to blame. If they can keep their followers fearing a group of people, then they will not look deeper into themselves. They will not even consider that their ideology might be the real issue. Fear is used to control the masses. Fear is used to keep people in line. Fear is used to keep people from loving one another. Fear is used to keep people from seeing that they have more in common with the other side. This is what politics brings. What we bring is the opposite. We bring connection. We bring love. We bring wholeness. We bring redemption. These are the things that bring people together and show that we are truly all the same. Hate only brings on more hate. It always has and always will. Moving away from political agendas allows you to see your brothers and sisters in everyone. That is how we begin to heal the divide. That is how we begin to heal the brokenness that political agendas have created.

-RJ- Where do we begin?

-G- You begin by really seeing people. Not your preconceived ideas of them, but get to know them. Talk to them about their fears, talk to them about what brings them joy, and listen. Do not try to be the fixer. Just listen. Politics is about the agenda. What we are talking about is the redemption that comes from truly seeing someone and loving them for who they are. Not who you think they need to be. That is where you start.

-RJ- Man, we have a long way to go.

-G- Yes you do, but I know it is possible. I have faith in you.

Cycle 85(cont.) Alone again in my thoughts.

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