The Virus Of Religion

I sat idly in a pew listening
Thinking on my past regrets
They told me I would find love
In this building where I could forget

Quietly they pulled me in
Told me that All I needed was prayer
The one above had given all
So that I could let go of despair

Then the rules came
Small and unnoticed
Maybe don’t wear that
So subtle I didn’t note it

My music was not just right
My friends were just a little wrong
I should spend more time in prayer
My secrets sins were very strong

I became scared at every step
Was this the one that did me in
I made my way alone again
Afraid to let others see my sin

This virus had taken hold
Of every fiber of my being
I did not not where to go
To find a vaccine that would be freeing

Religion enters your very DNA
Is grabs hold of you so tightly
It overshadows thought and insight
Replacing all with a veil so mighty

Faith hope and love
Are replaced by laws
Rules are your new companions
Following you with their open jaws

Deep inside you hear a voice
Telling you that this is not the way
Belief in oneself is not wicked
You will not lead you astray

Trust is the cornerstone
Promise is our mission
Charity is the highest one
To cure us of this condition

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