An Open Letter

An open letter to the gospel coalition:
You came on the scene with a clear mission
To squash the hopes and dreams of free thinkers
Proselytizing you wares like worn out vicars
Shame and fear is the message you’ve been puttin’
Into the hearts and minds of the masses for nothin’
Filling those four walls of your cheap colosseums
The gold leaf is falling exposing your true mausoleums
They all gaze at you mindlessly like automatons
Their brains preprogrammed from the shit you spawn
Out of the mouths of the wretched and pious
Comes the word of god that you say is for us
And you sit and wonder as some try and break free
From the lies and deceit that you spout and decree
From a broken pulpit bound together with your lies
About the nature of all and the truth in their eyes
You have the nerve and you have the gall
To say they are deceived that they are bound for a fall
Fool you are the one on that teetering pedestal
It is about to get knocked down and you’re about to fall
You question the need for a healthy deconstruction
While you wallow in the stagnant stench of your construction
Faithless and lost you call us without even learning
Why we have arrived at this place of sadness and yearning
Now you say you will welcome us back into the fold
If we acknowledge our mistakes and come back under control
What you fail to recognize or even understand
Is there is no truth in your tricks you have lost your command
Of our nature, or journey, and our truth in our being
Your false gospel and lies are what we are fleeing
So we sign off this letter with our warmest regards
The tower you have built is falling like cards

One thought on “An Open Letter

  1. Jon, God has given you a gift in writing. Sometimes I wonder how much you or others close to you have been hurt by church leaders and church people. Someday I’d like to visit that with you so that I can better understand things from other people’s perspective about being failed by the church.


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