Slippery Slope

I hear the clock on the wall tick tick ticking away
As the second hand makes another revolution
My brain meanders from place to place
Trying to find solid ground…maybe a resolution

Can we ignore the cognitive dissonance
That they call faith and we call religion
The key is no longer hidden under the mat
That will help me find escape from this prison

Status quo no longer holds it sway on me
I have felt the open air of freedom on my face
The shadows that used to haunt my thoughts
Seem to run and hide in the face of grace

They try to convince me I’m on a downward slope
Sitting on a bike that seems to have lost its brakes
They can’t see that I’m about to spread my wings
They are too busy looking out for my mistakes

From uncertainty I have found a better faith
Out of mercy I have found a better place
I no longer fear the road laid out in front me
I charge forward no longer caring about the race

The past no longer holds fear or dread for me
The future no longer brings me dread
The present moment now is my only reality
From a place of peace and love I move ahead

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