As If

You question my questions
As if I have not done that
You call me out for wondering
As if I do not fear where I might go

You say I am on a slippery slope
As if I do not feel my feet giving way
You say that I have lost my faith
As if my faith was ever yours to know

You pray daily for my eternal soul
As if your prayers do anything for me
You ghost me when you see me
As if I do not see you slip quietly away

You gossip about me to your like-minded
As if I do not hear the whispers
You tell your loved ones to just ignore me
As if my heretic ways will lead them astray

You call me a stranger someone lost
As if we never laughed over coffee
You fear that I might be lost for good
As if all who wander must be lost

You blast me on your social media
As if behind a screen this cannot hurt me
You say that this is just all tough love
As if we must save them all at any cost

Here is my response to all of the you’s
Questions are good…they are even vital
Wandering the desert can be life giving
Shattering dogma finds stronger faith

When the questions come…be open
When the wondering comes…be loving
When the asking comes…try thinking
When your friends explore…do not destroy…create

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